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We are Bridget and Jenn. We met through our mutual obsession with Sailor Moon (nerds!) almost two decades ago now, and we fell head over heels in love. We’ve been married for nearly ten years (we got married twice! Once when it wasn’t legal in New York, once when it was–both times in fairy wings), and love creating a home together with our many beloved pets. We live in the fairy tale cottage of our dreams in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Photo by Katie Raynes

Photo by Katie Raynes

We are full-time authors and enjoy telling stories more than almost anything in the universe. We love animals fiercely and are both vegans. We are science fiction geeks, and are immersed in fairy culture. We grew up on fairy tales and classic fantasy movies like Labyrinth and The Last Unicorn and can quote every line from The NeverEnding Story. We love adventures and tea and making things together.

Moon & Violet is where we tell our story. ♥

Photo by Laura Vasilion

Photo by Laura Vasilion

Violet/Jenn: author | writing | animals | photography | cats | Fringe | France | art & history | old books | antiques | thrifting | Snow White | aliens | Marie Antoinette | crafting | Belle Epoque Paris | lesbian literature | time travel | purple | veganism | ghosts | rocks & crystals | Doctor Who | nail polish | the sea | The X-Files | mori fashion | fairy tales | mythology | science fiction | Victoriana | fairy costumes | violets

Moon/Bridget:  author | writing | vintage clothing | history | vintage beauty | witchcraft | veganism | Halloween | fairies | Salem | tarot | bicycles | baking | knitting | the sea | mermaids | colonial and ancient history | ghosts | piano & music | rocks & crystals | things without gluten in them | makeup | sparkly/glittery things | fairy costumes | fairy tales | mythology | yoga | Star Wars Legend of Zelda | video games | fantasy | unicorns | stars | the moon

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